10 Lite Clear Glass Door

Construction: Engineered Solid Timber with Meranti Finish

Glass: 5mm Toughened Clear Glass

Also available in sizes; 35 x 720/ 770/ 820/ 870 x 2040 mm and 40 x 720/ 770/ 820/ 870 x 2340mm.

Please contact us for Translucent Glass option.

French Doors are the epitome of elegance and stylish architecture. They are extremely popular as entry and patio doors as well as in demarcating between connected interior spaces. If you are looking for cheap French doors in Victoria, Summit Doors can come to your aid.

Typically, French doors have Clear glass panels installed in the door frame. Cheap French doors in Victoria can beautify your home and lend it an aesthetic appeal. Further, there are several additional advantages to using this type of door for your space:

Translucent glass panels offer a certain degree of privacy to inter-connected rooms
Allows better passage of natural light
Provides better security than hollow doors
Maintains optimum room temperature via air retention

Summit Doors is the leading provider of sturdy yet cheap French Doors in Victoria. We focus on delivering stylish and sustainable products at affordable prices for your use.

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35 X 720 X 2040 mm, 35 X 770 X 2040 mm, 35 X 820 X 2040 mm, 40 X 820 X 2340 mm

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